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9/20/20 2:30 pm
Update log 4 time babeyyy. Once again I have taken a month long break from coding and came back because I realized that I'm really behind on this stupid website and I need to make it good and up-to-date for a thing that will be happening soonish.
The updates today include some fixes to the history section, including adding stuff about finalfest and TWK 5.0! Also I added a placeholder for a thing that will be happening hehe. I also added the finalfest stuff to the splatfest page and added some nice art and memes that have come around lately. Gotta make sure the whole two people that look at this site are up to date on TWK's awful sense of humor :D
That should be all for now! As always if anyone notices any issues or whatever just lemme know via discord.
♥ Jay

8/13/20 8:15pm
Update log 3! It's been almost a month since I breathed in the direction of HTML/CSS coding but here I am, for some lil changes here and there. I'm going to be updating the history and art sections as well soon, but I need a rundown from Cuddles about what specifically she wants included/if I can consolidate some election stuff. The final Splatfest started today, after all, and there's gonna be a... lot to cover for this thing.
As for updates today, I added a splash/portal screen to the home page and changed the other page names! Such as, this used to be 'updates.html' but now it's 'woomyupdates.html'. The reason for that will be revealed eventually but for now I hope I transferred everything to the new pages properly, if anyone sees any glitches or whatever let me know. I'm not too happy with how the portal page itself looks but it's gonna get an overhaul in a few months anyway so I'm trying not to worry about it too much for now. I also, as you can see, added another class (blog3) so my blog post is in purple now! spicy! you love to see it!
The final fest is Life vs. Death (I'll put it on the page after results come out) and nobody really knows what the outcome is going to entail but it's likely important. As long as nobody's going anywhere, I don't really mind either way :)
See ya soon, likely going to be coming back a bit more often~
♥ Jay

7/18/20 3:45pm
Alright update log 2. Since the elections are over now I had to add those details to the History, some various art pieces to art, and I had to add non-election stuff to History as well...although that.. really isn't anything. Not much has happened this far in the month aside from the election, huh? At least, not anything that's important to the history of this server. Aaaah I'm really tired and miss Jackbox nights. We haven't done them in a while since a lot of people got really burnt out, which makes sense but I really miss them anyway lol.
Not much to say today. I also added another class (blog2) so I can have separate colors for blog posts like this! My stylesheet is really gross right now. Will I clean it up? Probably not! :D As much as I enjoy coding, it's really not my strongsuit.
Alrighty have a great day!
♥ Jay

7/12/20 3:40pm
What's up gamers, I'm the maker of this website, Jay. This is going to be a mini-blog for me to keep track of updates and stuff I make to the website. A lot of other sites on neocities have something like this but since this isn't necessarily a personal website I kinda held off. But I think keeping something like this here is gonna make it a lot easier for me to know what I need to do lol.
As for today, I updated the 'late 2020' section of History to include events and stuff that's happened so far in July, as well as adding some election images to Art. I also updated the Splatfests tab to include the latest one... I'm a solid week late on that but at least it's quick and easy to add. I didn't participate in that Splatfest so I kind of forgot it happened. And ofc I added this 'website updates' tab.
That's all then, see ya!
♥ Jay