The Veemo Kingdom

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The second Veemo Kingdom Census was very similar to the first, but had questions relating to server members' opinions on V3 as well as similar questions to the first one!

V3 was an event held from July 1st-4th made to commemorate the 4th anniversary of the server! It revealed numerous new events and updates to the server, including but not limited to The Veemo Kingdom Census 2, this website's launch, the reveal of The Veemo Kingdom Elections, and a new art channel!

The Veemo Kingdom held a surprise one-off Splatfest! Splatfests are events that existed in the former Woomy Kingdom where members of the server competed with in-server currency to determine which of two things was better. This event pitted Pancakes and Waffles against each other, as a callback to the first Splatfest of The Woomy Kingdom. The Splatfest lasted from May 21, 2021 to May 23, 2021. The winner was Team Waffles!

The first Veemo Kingdom event was a census held by server owner Ares in order to gain an understanding of the demographics, interests, and wants of the server members! This lasted two days and was done via Google Docs.